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How Do We Ensure Your Trip to the Dentist Is Pain-Free?

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Over the years, the dentist has developed a reputation of being a scary, painful place. It’s true that before we had the technology we do today, dental procedures were pretty painful.

Thankfully, painful dental procedures are a thing of the past. 

Woman happy and relaxed at her dentist appointment.

Thanks to new technology and sedation methods, your trip to the dentist can be comfortable and even enjoyable. 

Dr. Sands and his team take precautions to ensure your visit is pain-free. 

Local Anesthesia 

Many patients get nervous when they hear they need a minor dental procedure. While this fear is understandable, we work to make your experience painless and comfortable. 

Local anesthesia is administered via injection to numb the treatment area before a minor procedure, such as a cavity filling, extraction, or root canal. Your dental procedures can be performed with local anesthesia while you are awake, and you will not feel a thing. 

This is more convenient than sedation dentistry because you can drive yourself to and from the appointment and even return to work or school immediately after. Local anesthesia is the most convenient form of anesthesia. 

Many patients are worried that local anesthesia may wear off halfway through their procedure, causing pain and discomfort. If you notice your anesthesia may be wearing off, let us know. We will stop the procedure and give you another injection. 

Numbing Gel  

Even though local anesthetic numbs you before your procedure, many patients are nervous about the needle itself. The fear of needles (trypanophobia) is a common fear among many children and adults.

Dr. Sands can place a numbing gel on the gums before the local anesthesia is injected, so you do not feel the needle at all. In fact, many patients report not even realizing the injection was done. 

Sedation Dentistry 

Sedation dentistry is beneficial for more extensive dental procedures, such as implants, and highly anxious patients. 

For some patients, the numbing gel and local anesthesia are not enough to keep them comfortable, and that is okay. General anesthesia or IV sedation can be used to put you to sleep during your dental procedures.  

Additionally, some patients need more than one dental procedure done. Sedation dentistry allows dentists to perform more than one procedure at once, saving you time, hassle, and anxiety. If you know you will be undergoing sedation dentistry at your appointment, please bring someone with you to drive you home. 

Interested in Learning More About Painless Dentistry in Beverly Hills?

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