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Are you looking for a Beverly Hills dentist who is highly qualified to fulfill your cosmetic dentistry needs? Kevin B. Sands, D.D.S. is a top-notch Los Angeles area dentist who cares greatly about the dental health and aesthetic appeal of each of his patients. Dr. Kevin B. Sands specializes in cosmetic dentistry, taking pride in offering the finest in patient care and services to each and every patient. He is determined to give you the smile you deserve! In fact, some of the most beautiful smiles in Hollywood have come through our doors. Dr. Kevin B. Sands has trained with some of the worlds most prominent cosmetic dental specialists. He is rapidly becoming known Beverly Hills leading cosmetic dentist for people who want to look younger and feel better about their teeth. Dr. Sands provides a cosmetic look that’s you and you alone. Even the most subtle difference in tooth size, shape, texture, and color can be part of your overall look. Dr. Sands considers your gender, lifestyle, ethnicity, so your smile reflects who you are.

Because of his commitment to excellence and his desire to create beautiful smiles, Dr. Sands has built a strong clientele of Hollywood stars and has been recognized both onscreen and in print. He was featured on the television show “Dr. 90210″ and has appeared in such magazines as US Weekly, InTouch and Life & Style Magazine. This media exposure displays the level of respect and popularity that this Beverly Hills Dentist Dr. Sands holds.


Dr. Sands is a
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  • Member - The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Member - Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Member - American Dental Association
  • Member - California State Dental Association
  • Member - Beverly Hills Chamber of Commerce
  • Graduate - Las Vegas Institute for Advanced Dental Studies for Advanced Anterior Aesthetic Dentistry
  • Graduate - University of Southern California School of Dentistry

Dr. Sands knows that there are a variety of ways to maintain positive oral care and a fresh image, which guides his commitment in helping patients meet their needs. Top procedures and treatments offered at our cosmetic dentist Beverly Hills office include porcelain veneers, dental implants, whitening dentistry, and dental bonding. We hold high standards of health, striving to make your visit with us comfortable, secure, and memorable.

The entire staff of Dr. Sands shares his philosophy and commitment to provide you with excellence in cosmetic dentistry with the highest level of service. We build long-lasting dental relationships one smile at a time and we take great pride in helping you achieve your dream smile.

Correcting Imperfections with Beverly Hills Dentist Dr. Sands

Cosmetic Dentist of Beverly Hills, Dr. Sands strives for customer satisfaction through individualized patient care. As a Los Angeles cosmetic dentist, he understands that the appearance of your teeth is important to you. Dr. Sands can help you achieve a look that you can appreciate and be proud to display.

Dentistry is always evolving; new procedures are making the combination of oral health and beauty a possibility for those who had once felt their flaws were permanent. Dr. Sands literally gives his patients something to smile about.

Not everyone is born with a great set of teeth; in fact most people would describe their smile as less than dazzling. However, flaws can be a thing of the past with all of the new advances in dentistry! There is a long list of procedures that Dr. Sands offers and may utilize to create your desired smile.

Some of the cosmetic dentistry procedures that he performs at his Los Angeles area office include:

Teeth whitening in Beverly Hills is one of the most popular procedures asked of this Beverly Hills dentist. Unsightly stains and discolorations commonly result from smoking, coffee and age. Dr. Sands offers various ways to lighten the shade of your teeth. Along with whitening, there are also methods to correct imperfections of the teeth such as alignment, gaps, chips, and shape.

He also offers sedation dentistry at his Los Angeles office for patients who are uneasy in the dentist’s chair or those who want to undergo multiple treatments in fewer visits.

With the help of our leading cosmetic dentist of Los Angeles, your smile will be brighter and straighter – and your confidence is likely to soar!

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The philosophy of Dr. Sands’ practice is to provide excellence in cosmetic dentistry. He continues to please his customers because of his quality care and empathetic nature. Dr. Sands understands the needs of his patients and strives to meet each of their goals. This is why his clientele, which include many celebrities, are so dedicated to his craft and speak so highly of him.

Dr. Sands has grown tremendously in popularity because of his remarkable dental work. Patients travel from all over Southern California, to be treated by this cosmetic dentist.

Dr. Sands utilizes state-of-the-art products to beautify his patients’ teeth. During your free consultation, you can view before and after pictures of Dr. Sands’ previous patients and discuss your dental goals. You can also read testimonials to get further insight to Dr. Sands’ high level of patient satisfaction. By the end of your appointment, the two of you will be able to choose the procedure that would be best for you.

In Southern California, cosmetic dentist Dr. Sands is one of the finest to consider. To learn more about our cosmetic dentist in Beverly Hills, feel free to fill out our online contact form with any questions or comments you may have. You can also call our office at (310) 273-0111 to schedule a free consultation.


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