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Tired of hiding your smile from others? Wish you could finally do something about your discolored, cracked, or missing teeth? Or, do you simply want to build upon your natural oral aesthetics?

Search no longer! Reputable Hollywood cosmetic dentist Kevin B. Sands, D.D.S. can help you get the look you not only desire, but deserve. With the assistance of a highly-skilled dental staff, this sought-after Southern California cosmetic dentist is no stranger to the world of glamour and beauty.

Making the decision to “get something done” is rarely an easy matter – and Dr. Sands understands that the patient’s individual needs are top priority in every situation. No matter the treatment or procedure you’re considering, our Los Angeles dentist will explore your Southern California cosmetic dentistry options with you.

Many patients look to dentist Dr. Sands for dental services, whether it is porcelain veneers or teeth whitening. Encino, Pasadena, Santa Monica, Glendale, Tarzana, Studio City, and Newport Beach are just a few of the many areas our cosmetic dentist’s clients are from.

Dr. Sands continues to break ground in dentistry by creating dazzling smiles for the famous faces of Los Angeles and Beverly Hills!

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What is Cosmetic Dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry is an aspect of modern dentistry that allows us to conservatively restore your teeth back to their natural strength and beauty. It also allows us to enhance the appearance of your smile by closing gaps, straightening crooked teeth, lightening worn and chipped teeth, and whitening your teeth for a more youthful, clean and healthy looking smile.

It takes years of experience and advanced training to be able to design a natural looking smile. A Cosmetic dentist must be able to combine artistry with science to create a smile that looks undistinguishable from nature. Dr. Sands has pursued years of advanced training through the internationally renowned Las Vegas Institute for Dental Studies.

What will my new smile Look Like?

Every smile is as unique as the person who wears it. Dr. Sands takes great care in designing a smile that suite the individual patient. A series of careful facial measurements will help Dr. Sands to create a smile that is in proportion to your bone, structure, age and gender.

Thanks to advances in computer technology, Dr. Sands is also able to show you an image of your new smile before you even begin the procedure. Through digital imaging software, Dr. Sands is able to manipulate a digital photograph of your existing smile and show you your redesigned smile. This is an excellent way to share your excitement with your friends and family!

Lets Talk Toothpaste
With Dr. Sands

When it comes to choosing the right brand of toothpaste, we all know the feeling of being confronted by the long aisle of numerous shelves at your local store.

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Realize the benefits of Porcelain Veneers

With porcelain veneers, you can actually look forward to smiling again. Because irregularities like crooked, cracked, or discolored teeth can weather your spirits, Dr. Sands' expertise will give you the confidence to go ahead and flash your teeth to the world.

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