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Sedation Dentistry

Many people avoid the dentist because they are afraid or uncomfortable during their dental procedures. Not maintaining your regular dental visits can lead to the development of cavities, gum disease, and infections. These can all develop into more painful and costly issues down the road if left untreated. Sedation dentistry allows you to relaxingly sleep through your dental procedure for a worry-free and pain-free visit.

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • Relieves dental anxiety
  • Stress-free procedure
  • No pain
  • Saves time

Sedation Dentistry

What is sedation?
Sedation dentistry, also referred to as sleep dentistry, uses medication to calm, relax, and occasionally put patients to sleep during their dental exams and procedures. The intensity of sedation used ultimately depends on the amount of anxiety a patient has.
What drugs are used?
Depending on the delivery method, a different number of drugs may be used for your sedation. The most common include nitrous oxide, Halcion, propofol, midazolam, or ketamine. The choice of drugs will depend on what type sedation method is used.
How are the drugs delivered?
  • Inhaled Sedation: You breathe in nitrous oxide to help you relax
  • Oral Sedation: You swallow a pill that helps you relax
  • IV Sedation: A sedative administered through the vein calms you, which can continually be adjusted
  • General Anesthesia: Inhalation or IV delivery makes you totally unconscious during your procedure
Does sedation dentistry require any additional steps?
Oral sedation should be administered an hour before your procedure so it has plenty of time to become effective. You will not be able to drive for a few hours following sedation and should have someone to accompany you home.

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