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Beverly Hills — Dubai


Posted May 20, 2019 in Uncategorized

In my years of practice in cosmetic dentistry I have had the pleasure of working with several men and women in the entertainment industry. From up-and-coming actors and models to well-known musicians and athletes, my Beverly Hills practice has treated various Hollywood personalities. Some of my patients include Britney Spears, Charlie Sheen, Carmen Electra, Benji Combs, Josh Holloway, and Robert Downey, Jr. I understand that a beautiful, bright smile can often make or break a person in this industry, which is why I strive to provide optimal dental results.

Individuals who are constantly in the spotlight are always under pressure to look their absolute best. So correcting crooked, stained teeth is a must. For this reason, the most popular cosmetic dental treatments are tooth whitening and porcelain veneers.

I offer patients three options in whitening dentistry: laser whitening, in-house bleaching, and at-home bleaching products. ZOOM! ® whitening is offered as our most advanced in-house system, in which some patients have seen an improvement of up to eight shades whiter. Those who have severely stained teeth that do not respond well to whitening treatments may wish to have porcelain veneers. These are thin ceramic shells that are bonded to the front of the teeth in order to provide a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.

As my practice has gained popularity amongst the stars, I have had the opportunity to appear in various media outlets. I have helped patients achieve a beautiful, new smile on E! Channel’s “Dr. 90210” and TLC’s “10 Years Younger.” In addition, Us Weekly, InTouch, and People magazines have sought my expert advice on various occasions.

Whether you are Hollywood’s hottest star or a business executive, I take your needs and desired outcome into careful consideration when performing cosmetic dental treatments. I pride myself in being the best “Beverly Hills Smile Sculptor” and look forward to helping you achieve your most glamorous smile! I treat every patient like a star.