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Which Cosmetic Dental Procedures Are Often Combined?

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Combining procedures is a good idea if you are ready to address multiple cosmetic dental flaws and want to accomplish your goals as quickly as possible. However, some treatments are more easily performed together than others. 

The following scenarios are the most common, and procedures should be performed in a specific order.

When Teeth Need to Be Straightened

Invisalign® is a great treatment choice to straighten teeth. This technique can be combined with other procedures, but it does take some time.

Because straightening teeth takes longer than other dental treatments, this is usually done first. However, in some cases, additional cosmetic dental care can be performed while wearing Invisalign® clear aligners, including:

  • Missing teeth – Sometimes, work to prepare the gum and jawbone to receive dental implants can begin during Invisalign® treatment. This way, by the time your teeth are finished being straightened, the underlying gum and bone may be healthy enough to receive the implant.
  • Teeth whitening – Professional strength at-home teeth whitener can be used with the Invisalign® aligner trays for the final two weeks of treatment so that you have both straight and bright sparkling teeth.

A woman wearing Invisalign® clear dental aligners.

Once finished with Invisalign®, you can add other cosmetic dental treatments, like veneers or bonding, to address worn down, deeply stained, or chipped teeth. Porcelain veneers can be used to address very mild cases of misaligned, crooked, or gapped teeth.

When One or More Teeth Need to Be Replaced

Dental implants can replace an individual tooth or support bridges and dentures to replace several teeth. As mentioned above, if you still have most of your teeth and want to straighten them first, this may be possible, depending on their health and the condition of your gums.

Color-matching teeth for dental restorations.Otherwise, these cosmetic treatments can be performed before or after the implant(s) are placed:

  • Teeth whitening – Whiten your natural teeth prior to having your implant crown color-matched. This way, you can have a seamlessly brighter smile once your implant is placed. It’s important to note that restorations like crowns and veneers cannot be whitened later.
  • Crowns, veneers, and bonding – After having your teeth whitened and implants placed, you can address other issues like deep discoloration that resists whitening, or structural damage to your natural teeth. This can be accomplished with porcelain crowns, veneers, or dental bonding.

If your teeth are only mildly misaligned or you have only a few crooked teeth, you may opt for treatment with veneers rather than an orthodontic procedure.

Why the Order of Cosmetic Dental Treatments Matters

Having your dental work done in the correct order makes each procedure work better and produces the best results. Just to review, always treat cavities, gum disease, and infections before receiving cosmetic dental treatments.

Once your smile’s health has been addressed, the proper sequence for cosmetic dental care is as follows:

  1. Orthodontics – Straighten misaligned or crooked teeth first.
  2. Teeth whitening – If you plan to whiten your teeth, do it before receiving a restoration.
  3. Tooth replacement – Whether you choose an implant or a fixed bridge, if your teeth are not as straight as you’d like, or are stained, take care of these issues first.
  4. Damaged teeth – Address the appearance of small, misshapen, chipped, broken, cracked, or mildly misaligned teeth after other issues have been addressed.

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