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Category: Gum Disease

Has Pregnancy Ruined Your Smile?

4 Minute Read:  Pregnancy can take a toll on teeth, even when doing your best to get the nutrients necessary to support your baby and your body.  To avoid the discomfort, treatment, and cost of extensive dental work, be sure to include extra dental visits as part of your routine prenatal care.  Some of the […]

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The Benefits of Chewing Sugar-Free Gum

You may have heard that chewing gum is bad for your teeth, but the act itself is not harmful. In fact, gum can actually be good for your teeth, depending on the ingredients it contains. It is important to monitor the ingredients in your gum and the length of time your teeth are exposed to […]

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How to Tell if You Have Gum Disease

Healthy teeth depend on healthy gums. Gum disease is a common condition that ranges from simple inflammation of the gums to significant tissue and bone damage that leads to tooth loss. The following indicators can tell you if you have gum disease. With proper dental hygiene and professional dental treatments, you can manage your gum […]

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