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Facial Balance With Cosmetic Dentistry

One of the most prominent features of the face is a person’s smile. White, straight teeth provide men and women with an aesthetically pleasing appearance, as well as a balanced facial structure. However, due to crooked, chipped, missing teeth, or an improper bite, the facial contour can appear to be uneven. When visiting my Beverly Hills practice, patients undergo a complete evaluation of their teeth and facial structure in order for me to create a personalized treatment plan.

The best way to ensure a balanced facial structure is by maintaining regular check-ups with a dentist starting at a young age. The pre-teen to teen years are the most crucial time for dental visits; this can aide in early detection of dental problems and appropriate treatment to correct these issues. Some of the most common problems include crooked teeth and a misaligned jaw, both of which can cause the lower half of the face to look out of proportion. To correct this, patients may require the use of braces, removable orthodontic devices, or both. These can help straighten teeth and correct an over or under bite. If you have a protruding jawbone or lips due to an improper bite, this would also be remedied.

In addition, crooked, crowded, or missing teeth also alter the facial contour. This can be corrected by removing the obtrusive tooth/teeth or placing dental implants and crowns. Crooked teeth can be reshaped, and have porcelain veneers placed on top of them in order to achieve a natural-looking, enhanced smile. Dental implants are permanent, titanium cylinders that are permanently inserted into the jawbone in order to replace the tooth root. A porcelain crown is then used to replace a missing tooth. This cosmetic dental procedure can help provide a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

When undergoing a dental reconstruction, not only do patients achieve a more beautiful smile, they can also achieve a more youthful overall appearance. If you would like to learn more regarding the available treatments, please feel free to browse the website and schedule an appointment.

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