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As an experienced and board certified dentist, I cannot stress enough how important it is to take care of your teeth. The condition of your teeth not only affects your physical appearance, but also has a direct effect on your overall health. Along with flossing, brushing at least twice-a-day is usually sufficient for maintaining oral health between dental visits, and using the right toothpaste helps prevent cavities and decay from forming.To make sure you always put the best smile forward, it is important to find a toothpaste that is best suited for you.

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When it comes to choosing the right brand of toothpaste, we all know the feeling of being confronted by the long aisle of numerous shelves at your local store. From pastes that contain whitening agents to others that have mouthwash and even tiny breathstrips mixed into them, there's no doubt that deciding on just one tube can be a bit overwhelming.

Most brands make several different kinds of toothpaste that target just about every aspect of oral health. The chart below shows what these popular makers are generally most known for.

Toothpaste Brands Compared

pros: FDA approved to fight gingivitis. Excellent stain removal. Contains fluoride.

cons: Contains sodium lauryl sulfate and saccharin. Taste has received mixed reviews.

pros: Fights cavities, tartar, plaque, whitens teeth, and freshens breath.

cons: Can irritate sensitive teeth and cause dryness of the mouth.

pros: Ingredients are natural and transparent. No artificial colors or sugars.

cons: Recently purchased by Colgate and now contains sodium lauryl sulfate.

pros: Non-abrasive for sensitive teeth. Temporarily fills in tubules to help fight sensitivity.

cons: Less stain removal than other brands, and more costly.

Did You Know

Keeping your teeth white and cavity free are not the only things that toothpaste can do. In fact, there are many other things that toothpaste can be used for. Below are 10 more problems that toothpaste can fix.

  • Fills-in holes in walls
  • Eliminates the sting and itching from bug bites
  • Removes crayon from walls
  • Polishes silver, steel, and aluminum
  • Cleans shoes
  • Adheres posters to walls
  • Hand sanitizer (just add water)
  • Removes stains from clothes, furniture, and carpet
  • Cleans fingernails
  • Helps neutralize minor burns

Dr. Sands

For most patients, I recommend that they follow a certain set of guidelines when choosing a toothpaste that is right for them. I recommend that you use a fluoride based toothpaste that controls tartar, and is ADA approved. Fluoride will help reduce cavities and also strengthens the enamel of the teeth to make them harder. Toothpaste that protects against tartar will also shield the teeth from plaque buildup, which helps keep your smile white and lessens the chances of gum disease developing. No matter what toothpaste you choose, make sure that it is approved by the ADA in order to know that your teeth and oral health are in the best condition possible.

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