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Oral Piercings and Dental Health

Posted August 05, 2010 in Home

A popular trend amongst the younger generation is having an oral piercing – tongue, lip, or cheek. At my Beverly Hills practice, I often see patients who have removed their piercing for various reasons and have been left with unpleasant side effects. Some of these include chipped teeth, gum recession, site infection, scar tissue, speech impairment, and alveolar bone damage.

The first step to correcting/repairing these undesirable features is to remove the piercing permanently. Once you are ready to take the next step, we can begin with a full evaluation of your dental structure and customize a treatment plan. Typically, I first look for gum disease and recession, which can be treated with gingival grafting. Once we have treated this area and a healthy gum line is established, we can focus on the teeth. Those who have chipped teeth may be ideal candidates for porcelain veneers. My goal is to help you regain a sparkling, natural-looking smile through cosmetic dentistry, as well as maintain proper dental health.

If you have removed an oral piercing and would like to learn of your options regarding dental reconstruction, you may browse my website for further information. I welcome you to schedule an appointment at my Beverly Hills office.