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Is Dental Surgery Safe to Undergo While Pregnant?

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When you are pregnant, you want to do everything possible to keep your baby safe. As such, you are always looking for information on how to stay healthy and strong for your baby. 

Unfortunately, there is a lot of misinformation around this topic. 

For instance, you might have heard that undergoing a dental procedure during pregnancy is not good for your baby. Several surveys have shown that over 40 percent of pregnant women believe this myth. 

Pregnant woman sitting in a dentist office with dentist and nurse

The truth is that your dental health does not become less important when you are pregnant, and indeed, you need to continue seeking dental services even after conceiving.

Can I Undergo Dental Surgery When Pregnant?

If you have a dental emergency during pregnancy, dental surgery can be performed safely. For instance, if tooth decay starts to affect the nerve ending inside your tooth, the issue can become extremely painful. In such a situation, you might be advised to undergo a root canal or tooth extraction. Such procedures are necessary to help you relieve pain and focus on taking care of your pregnancy better. 

These procedures are safe, and although they may cause you some discomfort, they cannot affect your baby negatively.

What About Sedation?

Sedation is one of the reasons many women are afraid of undergoing dental procedures during pregnancy. They are afraid that the anesthesia applied during dental procedures can have negative effects on their babies. However, studies have shown that sedating a mother does not affect the baby in her womb, and sedation dentistry can be performed safely.

Therefore, whether you will need general or local anesthesia, it will not harm or affect your baby in any way. As such, if sedation is the only reason you are afraid of undergoing dental surgery during pregnancy, you need to shake off your fears and choose what is right for your dental health.

Are There Times During Pregnancy When Dental Surgery Should Be Avoided?

Of course, dental procedures can be performed at any time during pregnancy. However, if X-rays are needed, the best time to undergo a dental surgical procedure is during the second trimester, when all your baby’s essential organs have formed. 

If a non-emergency dental surgery is needed during the third trimester, you may be advised to wait until you have delivered.

So, What’s the Bottom Line for Undergoing Dental Procedures While Pregnant?

Undergoing dental surgery during pregnancy is safe, and it is certainly safer than putting off a necessary procedure, giving the problem more time to fester and grow.

If you have a dental issue during pregnancy, talk to a reliable dentist to determine the safest effective treatment to choose. You can contact Dr. Sands by calling 310-273-0111 or filling out our online contact form.