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Inspiration from Mother Nature to Treat Sensitive Teeth

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Never underestimate the power of Mother Nature. Before turning to manmade materials and treatments, take a chance on nature’s ability to heal. When it comes to tooth sensitivity, your demand for healing and protecting may be stronger than other conditions. According to recent research, three out of four people experience serious sensitivity in the teeth. Usually the sensitivity surges when the tooth is exposed to hot, cold, sour, and/or overly sweet foods and drinks. Research published in the journal ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces presents a substance developed to advance tooth sensitivity healing that is inspired by nature.

The unique components of the substance are similar to the adhesive substance that attaches mussels to rocks and other surfaces in the ocean. When a tooth becomes sensitive, it is most likely because the outer layer of enamel on the teeth and the softer layer under the tooth have worn away. This stimulates the sensitive nerves inside. When the exposed nerves touch hot, cold, sour, or sugary substances, it could sting and feel painful. While there are certain gums and toothpastes that can reduce the pain of sensitive teeth, it does not help rebuild the worn down enamel and dentin. Researchers saw this demand and developed a sticky material much like the substance mussels use to stay on for the sensitive tooth. The science behind this is that the adhesive will hold onto healthy materials that protect and rebuild the dentin.

To test the substance, laboratory researchers bathed human teeth with damaged enamel and dentin in a liquid comprised of the minerals and adhesive material. The teeth that had the sticky material for protection were able to rebuild the enamel and dentin, while teeth that did not have the adhesive material only reformed enamel. This new sticky material could be a major advancement in dentistry to protect and rebuild enamel and dentin and reduce tooth sensitivity.

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