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Famous Teeth

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A person’s smile isn’t just a facial expression; it’s a statement about who they are. With more than fifty types of smiles, it is the most scientifically studied human facial expression. This simple feature can do more than just attract admiring looks; it can amazingly define who you are.

Many celebrities are well known for their smiles and their stunning choppers. When the cameras come out, so do these famous teeth. According to the Huffington Post, the following celebrities fall nothing short of legendary in embracing their smiles.

Having long had a small gap between her front teeth, Madonna has become an admired singer around the world. Her slightly whitened smile beams when she is center-stage or meandering in public crowds.

Kate Moss, a distinguished supermodel, flashes her pearly whites across the nation. Her smile defines her and she is always so perfectly imperfect with her “off-duty chic” fashion sense.

Actor Woody Harrelson smiling

Actor Woody Harrelson

With a slight gap between his front teeth, Woody Harrelson has established his acting career in Hollywood. Disregarding the pressures put on men in the industry, he has obtained an admirable self-image.

Singer Jewel smiling wearing purple top

Singer Jewel

One of the most definitive smiles belongs to, singer and actress, Jewel. She believes she got her big-break in her career due to her characteristic teeth.

Kirsten Dunst is yet another celebrity whose teeth attributes to her popularity. The natural imperfections in her smile give her flawless beauty.

Actress Jessica Pare who portrays Megan on the hit AMC television show, Mad Men

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Lastly, at the mention of Jessica Pare, there is a common association with her smile. Her role as Megan on the sitcom Mad Men have people buzzing about her most famous feature, her teeth.

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