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Does Invisalign® Work Better Than Traditional Braces?

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Traditional teeth straightening braces can be uncomfortable and impact a person’s smile until the treatment is fully completed—which can take years. An effective and more discreet alternative was developed by California cosmetic dentists in the late 90s. They called it Invisalign®. It’s a program that straightens and improves the look of dentition using clear trays rather than wires. Eligible patients can use Invisalign® to correct gapped or crooked teeth, overcrowding, and over/underbites.

Woman smiling with straight teeth that is possible with Invisalign®.

How Does Invisalign® Work?

Rather than installing teeth-straightening brackets and wires and periodically tightening them to realign teeth, Invisalign® casts clear BPA-free thermoplastic trays from an impression of the patient’s dentition. Trays are swapped out as teeth are slowly nudged into realignment. The trays are worn for 22 hours a day but can be removed for eating and teeth cleaning, a significant advantage over wire braces, which cannot be removed.

How Long Does the Invisalign® Treatment Take?

For adolescents who are still growing, the Invisalign® program is comparable in time length to conventional wire braces. However, for most adults, the program takes a year to complete, which, in many instances, is a shorter run than required by wire braces.

Is Wearing Invisalign® Painful?

There may be some discomfort associated with Invisalign®, but it generally causes less pain than having a mouthful of brackets and metal wires. Discomfort with Invisalign® is most evident when teeth are getting used to new liners, and it will fade as your mouth and teeth get used to the new apparatus.

Does Wearing Invisalign® Look Awkward?

We have all heard the brace face and headgear jokes. They used to be a right of passage for school-age braces wearers. But Invisalign® patients of all ages are unlikely to run into any of those outdated responses. That is because the clear trays are all but invisible to the casual observer. This makes the treatment a favorite with celebrities whose smiles are always under scrutiny.

How Does Invisalign® Compare for Cost?

Traditional wire braces and Invisalign® treatments require a similar financial investment. The actual price may vary depending on individual assessment.

Many patients find that Invisalign® is actually more affordable than they would have imagined, which is just one additional benefit alongside being more comfortable than conventional braces.

Interested in Learning More?

If you would like to know more about the advantages and benefits of correcting tooth alignment with Invisalign®, get in touch with the team at Kevin B. Sands Cosmetic Dentistry to learn more about this revolutionary treatment. Call us at 310.273.0111 or fill out our online contact form. They will be happy to schedule a consultation to assess whether the treatment is right for you.