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Dental Implants vs. Dentures

Posted May 31, 2017 in Dental Implants, Dental Treatment, Dentures, facial appearance, Gum Erosion

Image demonstrating a dental implantWhen teeth are permanently lost or pulled, they must be replaced. Not only is this important so that you can continue to chew and speak normally, but it is critical for oral health, facial appearance, and overall well-being. While dental implants and dentures are both considered acceptable methods of tooth restoration, dental implants have many advantages over dentures.

What They Are

Below is a quick explanation of both dental implants and dentures as tooth restoration devices:

  • Dental Implants: A titanium or zirconium implant is fused to the jawbone and serves as the tooth’s root. The implant is capped with a bridge or crown and provides natural-looking tooth replacement.
  • Dentures: A removable piece designed to look like both the teeth and gums is used to replace the teeth and surrounding tissues. A complete set of dentures can be used when all teeth are missing, and partial dentures can be used where there are still some natural teeth remaining.

Why Dental Implants Are Better Than Dentures

Both dental implants and dentures are commonly used in dentistry today. However, dental implants are better than dentures in the following ways.

A Permanent, Durable Solution

Dental implants are a permanent solution. The implant is fused to the jawbone so that it is permanently there like a natural tooth. Dentures are removable devices (not permanent), and they can warp under hot water or break. Dentures may need to be adjusted, repaired, or replaced within just seven years. Dental implants are secure, durable, and built to last a lifetime. Statistics show that dental implants have a 98 percent success rate.

Optimal Function and Performance

Both dental implants and dentures function just like normal teeth. However, dentures may slip or affect speech, which can be embarrassing or uncomfortable. Dental implants are associated with better chewing and speaking ability than dentures because they are embedded in the jaw like normal teeth.

Better Hygiene

Dental implants can be brushed and flossed normally. Dentures, however, must be removed for special cleaning. Not only is this inconvenient, but it leaves more margin for error in cleaning. Since dental implants require no special cleaning routine, they are a better option for dental hygiene.

Prevent Bone Loss and Gum Erosion

Dentures can cause the gums to erode and become flabby. They also offer no protection against jawbone loss. This can ultimately lead to your jawbone warping in shape, which will distort and prematurely age your facial appearance. Dental implants are fused to the jawbone, which prevents bone loss and deterioration of both the jawbone and the gums. You can retain your natural jaw shape and protect your smile with dental implants.

A More Comfortable Experience

Dental implants feel like natural teeth. Most people don’t even notice them once they are inserted. Dentures, on the other hand, can irritate the gums and cause mouth sores from the friction. Dental implants provide a more comfortable experience.

A Natural Smile

Dentures may look fake or unnatural. Conversely, dental implants look completely natural and blend with the surrounding teeth. With a dental implant for your tooth restoration, your smile will be completely restored and aesthetically pleasing.
Due to these advantages, Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Kevin Sands prefers dental implants over dentures for tooth restoration. To learn more about this treatment and to schedule your appointment, call 310.273.0111 or fill out our online contact form today.