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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Dental Health in Women During Reproductive Years

The teeth and gums tend to change throughout our entire lives, and women in their reproductive years are urged to take extra precautions when planning a family. It is common for the gums to become inflamed a few days before menstruation, and then return to normal by the first day of menstruation. During this time, women should be more meticulous about their oral health in order to help prevent gum disease or plaque buildup.

Other issues that women should be aware of include the increase in acids present in the mouth during the first few months of pregnancy. Most women experience morning sickness, which causes them to vomit, bringing in eroding acids into the mouth. It is important for women to thoroughly rinse the mouth and wait at least 20 to 30 minutes before brushing. Also, some may experience dry mouth, while others have excessive salivation. In either circumstance, it is important to properly remedy the occurrence (sip on water or be more aware of what causes excess salivation) in order to prevent gum disease and/or cavities.

It is my goal to help patients achieve a healthy smile, which is why I highly urge you to schedule an appointment at my office near Los Angeles. Although treatments, including implant dentistry, should be postponed until the second or third trimester of your pregnancy, it is best to learn of any complications in order to create an optimal treatment plan.

How to Treat Tooth Sensitivity

There are many individuals who suffer from tooth sensitivity, and chances are that they don’t know the source of their pain or how to remedy their situation. I often see patients who have experienced sensitivity for some time in order to help them relieve their discomfort and prevent further complications. The two most common reasons for tooth sensitivity are loss of the enamel layer and recession of the gums. This exposes the dentin, which is the part of the tooth that covers the nerve.

During an examination, the teeth and gums are thoroughly examined in order to determine the best treatment plan. Cavities causing the sensitivity can be treated with restoration. If the gums are receding and causing pain, a deep cleaning is performed to remove build-up and prevent further damage to the teeth and gums. However, when the dentin is exposed, we can try various treatments, which may be in-office and at-home techniques. A fluoride varnish, gel, or foam can be used to help strengthen the exposed areas. Bonding material can also be applied to the exposed areas to provide a barrier to the dentin. At-home treatments may include using a very soft bristle tooth brush, low abrasive toothpaste, brushing correctly, and incorporating a tooth paste with a high concentration of fluoride.

Please feel free to schedule an appointment at my practice to further discuss your options for treatment. In addition, I am a Beverly Hills orthodontist who is ready to help you achieve a more beautiful smile.

Poor Oral Health Passed on to Children

Our children’s oral health is of utmost importance, which is why they should see a dentist by their first birthday in order to ensure that their teeth are coming in strong and healthy. However, there is now proof that children inherit their parent’s oral health. The mother’s oral health during pregnancy can be a determiner in how the child’s own oral health will develop. It was discovered that children born to mothers with bad oral health also experienced similar traits.

In order to ensure your children’s dental health, it is important to make sure that your teeth are in top shape, which means sticking with routine visits to your dentist. At my Beverly Hills practice, I encourage patients to come in for a cleaning at least once a year, and twice for optimal health. This helps me better monitor their oral health and dental structure in order to prevent serious problems and/or diseases. Proper treatment for any dental/oral issue can greatly improve the overall health of your teeth and gums, as well as help prevent further problems. Some of the dental procedures performed at my practice near Los Angeles include routine cleaning, dental implants, and porcelain veneers. It is my goal to help every patient achieve a healthier, brighter smile.

I encourage all individuals to visit my website to learn more regarding their oral health. In addition, mothers-to-be should take further precautions and make sure that their teeth and gums are in their best shape.

Taking Care of Your Teeth

It is most people’s goal to achieve and maintain a healthy, beautiful-looking smile; however, what many individual fail to take into consideration is that their basic oral hygiene habits are typically engrained during childhood. This is why I strongly urge my patients to be good role models for their children and show them how to brush, floss, and rinse at least twice a day on a daily basis.

As mentioned, brushing, flossing, and rinsing regularly are the first steps to a healthy smile. This prevents plaque buildup, which can lead to infections and gum disease. Additionally, avoiding sugary foods and beverages can help reduce your risk of cavities and tooth decay. You may also prevent staining and yellowing of the teeth by avoiding smoking, drinking wine, coffee, and dark sodas. You should also avoid eating staining foods such as berries. Should you be experiencing yellowing or stains, a tooth whitening procedure may be ideal.

It is also important that you keep routine dental check-ups with your dentist in order to diagnose any issues before they become critical. Your oral healthcare provider can also recommend any corrective treatments if the teeth are misaligned, such as orthodontics. Based on your particular situation, traditional braces, porcelain veneers, or Invisalign may be of great benefit.

Braces can help those who have severely crooked teeth over a period of a few months to a couple of years, based on the patient’s needs. When only a few teeth are in need of correction, veneers may be the best option. If you have had traditional braces in the past or only have minimal misalignment, Invisalign clear trays can be used to gradually move the teeth to a straighter position.

If you would like further information regarding your dental needs, please feel free to browse my website. Those in search of a Beverly Hills orthodontist often visit my practice to achieve the smile of their dreams.

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