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Category: ZOOM!® Teeth Whitening

How Can I Avoid Staining My Teeth After Drinking Coffee and Red Wine?

2 Minute Read:  Did you know that what you eat and drink could be to blame for your dark, yellow teeth?  Many people associate having white teeth with having a healthy smile. Unfortunately, many of the foods and drinks we enjoy can be damaging to our teeth.  Coffee and red wine can stain your teeth […]

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Is At-Home Teeth Whitening Safe?

3 Minute Read:  White teeth are often associated with a healthy smile. Everyone wants white teeth, but it can sometimes be hard to achieve that goal in a healthy way.  Recently, social media has been filled with ways to whiten your teeth from the comfort of your own home. However, many of these teeth whitening […]

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How Does Smoking Affect Your Teeth?

2 Minute Read:  Smoking has negative effects on many aspects of your oral health. The smoke and the nicotine in cigarettes discolors teeth and leads to deep stains and, worse, death. Teeth appear yellow and, for more advanced smokers, even have brown streaks. Cigarettes also cause excess plaque and tartar to form, further discoloring the […]

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How Can I Maintain My Results After ZOOM! Teeth Whitening?

2 Minute Read:  ZOOM! is a revolutionary teeth whitening process completed in your dentist’s office. It uses hydrogen gel and a special bleaching lamp for power assistance. It’s a safe, effective practice that many people can complete on a long lunch break—the process takes only 90 minutes. However, you’ll have to take some care with […]

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How Can Teeth Whitening Change Your Life

2 Minute Read:  Nobody enjoys a dull and yellow smile. Your teeth can stain for many reasons, such as smoking or drinking coffee, tea, and soda. And while brushing and flossing can help you maintain a healthy smile, they may not provide you with the bright white smile you have always wanted. According to the […]

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The Kevin Sands Dentistry Difference

A bright, beautiful, and healthy smile is often the goal when a person makes a trip to the dentist. It is no surprise that the teeth, as the center of the face, can affect the overall facial profile. An attractive smile is what everyone wants to achieve, so why not get it done in style? […]

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