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Most Requested Cosmetic Dental Procedures

Your dentist is no longer just the go-to person to fill a cavity or perform a cleaning; now there are also many procedures that can be performed to enhance the appearance of a person’s smile. In fact, cosmetic dental procedures are especially popular here at Dr. Sands’ office in Beverly Hills, a city where on-screen […]

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A New Office Look for 2013

What better way to start the year than with a complete office makeover? At Dr. Sands’ office, two of the most important things we keep in check are the quality of our services and the comfort of our patients. We are excited to announce that both of these were improved upon with our most recent […]

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Celebrating Earth Day

Earth Day falls on April 22 each year and was established to increase awareness and appreciation of the Earth’s natural environment. Events are held worldwide that promote decreased pollution and waste in order to lead to a cleaner, safer, and “greener” environment for us to live in. In celebration of Earth Day, we would like […]

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Dr. Sands’s Favorite Product

As a Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist, I am often asked what products I recommend for optimal oral care. The Rotadent toothbrush is one of my favorite products because it is the most gentle yet effective toothbrush on the market. Especially ideal for patients who have sensitive teeth or gums, the Rotadent toothbrush does an effective […]

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